Advice for Graduates: Be Soft, Surrender.

eden murray

Intentions have a tendency to be rigid in our society.

What if we could relax into such beautiful blessings yet to come?

What if we approached our goals without urgency? If we left the irritable concoction of impatience and unworthiness at the door. On the shelf. Out of reach.

And replaced it, ritualistically, with a love potion dedicated to self and surrendering.

How wondrously would our intentions be manifested then?

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I have graduated! And yet all the learning is happening upon me. I am seeking it and yet it is just there, when ready and needed. I am coming to understand life as a consistent flow. A scarf floating after throwing it up to the open sky. Sunshine seeps through its thin skin. Summertime has me vulnerable as ever.

I find myself sometimes with no direction. Purpose and linear thinking are not present due to the lack of not following an imposed and expected path. I’m not going to university next year and am only working for a few months. When I feel down, and afraid of not knowing what I will do this winter, what I will accomplish, where my time will be spent, I remember to surrender.

Purpose, drive, and success seem to have such rigid lines to them. They fit in boxes and we know how they SHOULD look and feel. But do we really know their potential? Do we really know what it is like to feel purpose that is only one’s own? Drive that is unique to you. Success that is more so learning than finishing something.


On some days my scarf feels content with floating on the wind. Happy to be free enough to follow where my heart chakra takes me. The element of air is so full of love and gratitude. I am grateful to be able to make new connections, not be restricted, and FEEL out my next path. The wind may move my body, make me dance, influence me, but what the bystander doesn't always see, is that this surrendering to life and the self actually brings me further to where I would like to be. If I were to accept a path that is not my own after graduating high school, I could suffer and wonder why I don’t feel purpose? Why my goals aren’t being manifested. Though if I choose truth… my flow shall guide me back to the heart, to my passions that spark fires, and to the body that will always be there for me.

Wherever you are in life, I invite you to soften into the spaces you are in. Into the body that cradles the heart. Into the physical realm that is your ritual, schedule, and external experience. To soften and surrender so that you can remember your true purpose and path. So that your intentions for your practice today will emerge with ease and you will be able to flow through life in dance.

All the best,


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