My Yoga Story: Christine Yates

Yoga has been a part of my life since I was 14 years old. I was encouraged to go to yoga by my doctor at the time. I had been diagnosed, quite young, with lupus, along with a few other autoimmune disorders. At the time yoga was not something that my peers were interested in, it wasn’t brought up at school and I had never practiced previously. My town held one class in a church basement every Tuesday and Thursday evening so off I went once or twice a week in the evenings and I absolutely loved It

christine yates

Yoga was a time for me to move my body in a new way and connect with people in my community. I was by far the youngest person there and through that, I gained self-respect for my body and my mind. It inspired me to keep activate and stay healthy so I too could age gracefully and continue my practice throughout my life. 

And so it began, my love for yoga and all that it had to offer. My teacher at the time would share her inspiring stories, thoughts and encourage the class to explore their minds and expand in a way I hadn’t been encouraging myself to do. 

My first year of university flew by and summertime came along. The job I had lined up fell through and my path was feeling off track. My sister encouraged me to connect with her friend who worked at lululemon. I ended up applying and getting a job which came along at the exact moment I needed It.   

Throughout my time with lululemon I did a lot of physical yoga practices however we also used the roots of yoga in how we speak to ourselves and others. The language and the mindfulness is what I believe to be the core aspect to my health and well-being. Shifting how I perceive myself and being able to take time to look inward. 


Yoga, to me, is the practice of non-judgment to yourself and others. Taking time to be on your mat and be present. Allowing thoughts to arise and float away. Yoga has taught me how to “Be” in each moment and has started my journey of self-discovery.  

christine yates