Slipping into succulent spaces of gratitude

Similar movements pursued

Moments move




A momentary being a conduit of energy

Love moves through this body as I

Slip into

My practice


My practice

A participatory action where I

Practice with said being

A practice of solitude


On spirit


Sipping gracefully

Sipping anxiously

Sipping on spirit means I’m here to be me

No one shall stop me

Shall stagnate this feeling

The power is in my breath

Prana moves spirit in and out

I have control


And yet

I am melted


She holds me


Devotion devours every sense of self until my body

Is lying on the floor exhausted


And my mind

It sits still


For once




Storytelling takes so many forms. I love poetry, speaking, dancing, writing. Though yoga helps me to blow away story and come back to an even rawer truth. Something that needs no explanation nor expression. This truth I speak of can be experienced through gratitude and devotion, conduits of emotion that are still. Feeling devotion that is for no particular being or entity, feeling gratitude that is for not particular being or entity helps us to foster stillness.


There is nowhere we need to be, nothing we need to do, no one we need to be, and nothing we have to think over. Nothing to roll over in our minds. No future plans, no justifying of identity. Instead, we are here to just be.


This wisdom that seeps from the practice of yoga has helped me immensely. I am an outrageously creative person. I strive for success and obtain this through interdisciplinary projects. So many projects… From art to event planning. Dancing to trainings. Medicine making to school. And farming to business start ups. It never stops, and yet this ‘it’ is only an expression of self. It is not me. Sometimes I forget these things. Sometimes I forget that even though I have infused myself into my community, my art, my friends and family--I must remember they are not me.



Yoga is a friendly reminder. A tool used to hinder surface level identity and harness the feeling of being ok with what is. We forget this in our modern day society. We lose touch of our spirituality.


And think of the teens. The young adults busy applying, studying, writing, doing, constantly justifying their worth. In high school we are always asked to justify our worth, whether it be through grades or scholarship applications. And yet, we are not asked to go deeper and discover what our path or our truth is. We are not prompted to choose passion, to choose an in depth inspiration.

Om Work aids in this prompting. They not only ask us to find our passion, but they tell us we are ok as we are. There is no need to be someone, to be perfection, to have a perfect identity. Instead, Om Work follows in the steps of meditation and asks us to blow away society’s story and make a wish to choose truth. This is nothing like any other scholarship application.


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