5 Ways to Meditate Off the Mat

Meditation does not have to be sitting cross-legged on the floor. This doesn't work for everyone, and if you find yourself trying to forcefully sit still, sometimes going an different route to find mindfulness may work best for you.  

There is not one set way to do things - meditation can be found EVERYWHERE.

The most important thing to remember is to honour the roots of where it comes from. It has been seen historically in almost all world religions, including Bhuddism, Hinduism, Christianity, Jewdaism, Islamic Surfdom, and so many more beautiful cultures. However you interpret it, it is important to remember it is a deeply seeded practice that is used to bring presence and contemplation to your day ritual. 

Ultimately, it is to give yourself the space and time to be with yourself. Slow down and just be



1. Cook

Mindful cooking - putting away your phone, paying attention to the strokes of your knife as you chop vegetables, taking in the smells as you add the garlic to the steaming pan, then how it changes as you add in the next ingredient, and the next. This practice can be deeply therapeutic and bring a sense of grounding to your day. 

2. Run

As you take to the trails, be aware of your surroundings. Focus on your breathing, each step you take, and how your body feels as your feet hit the ground below you. Don't bring your headphones - instead, pay attention to the sounds around you and the feeling of the air as it hits your skin. Breathe deeply, smile if it feels right, even laugh. 

3. Paint

Putting your thoughts onto a blank canvas can be so therapeutic. Don't think, just play. Allow the brush to work its magic as you effortlessly create. Watch the transformation from a white page to a blend of colours, emotions, and thoughts. 

4. Write

This can be done while on your mat, in a chair, in your garden. Sit with a blank notebook and begin to write, without holding anything back. Whatever comes to your mind, put that down onto the paper. You may not want to even look at what you've written, at least not right away. The clearance of thoughts is a beautiful way to release suppressed emotions and tangled thoughts.

5. Sing

Put on your favourite instrumental track, or sing along with a song you love. Feel the music, and don't be afraid of how loud you are or how you sound. Get carried away with the song, helping you achieve mindfulness.

Rachel FrancoisComment