My Yoga Story: Megan Coll

As a dancer, I have always been keenly aware of my physical body. I LOVE being active, and found both strength and flexibility, especially as an acrobat. In high school, my dance program offered yoga as part of different warm-ups and flexibility practice, but it was again just a physical practice. I honestly did not get much out of it because I was already so physically trained.  I then took a year away to dance on a cruise ship before starting university and enjoyed yoga as a morning stretch and some “me time” amidst the chaos and drama that is ship life.


Fast forward to February 2009 when I took my first class at Moksha Yoga London. I felt incredible. It was my first hot class and a harder practice, so I was more physically challenged; yet, the bigger piece is how the weight of “university stress” just melted off my shoulders. I remember saying afterward, “I feel like I’m flying”. I did not know what was to come (the unpeeling, learning to breathe, the community, the mindfulness, and meditation practice), but I was HOOKED.

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I did Energy Exchange and practiced at Moksha Yoga London pretty, especially during the 3rd year through my Masters, and then I moved to Whitby for my first “big girl” teaching job.  It took months to find another studio community, but I maintained a solid yoga practice on my own and did more personal development in mindfulness. After 9 months, I found Power Yoga Canada (Oshawa) and was immediately enthralled by the community. It was a more challenging series, and the teachers there pushed me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I did several other programs (assistant training, 40 Days to personal revolution, Your Life Design) through PYC Oshawa, and I helped to run the Energy Exchange program. This pushed me and my practice to an entirely unforeseen level and has been a big catalyst for where I am today. 


I am now looking to complete my Teacher Training and dive into the yoga community in Victoria. I have developed a tutoring/youth mentorship company, Authentically MEG, to pass along my energy, breadth of knowledge, and experience to more children!



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