The Om Work Project Scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this scholarship more than just paying for someone's holiday?

A scholarship is a way of gaining an opportunity to learn at a higher level; It alleviates the burden of financial concern and supports opportunity for exponential growth. Yes, everyone loves a holiday, but this experience of learning and travel fosters growth, independence and wisdom.

Typically a holiday is when you kick back and leave the work behind; this experience is where the work begins. The opportunity to travel and complete yoga teacher training is not accessible for all - but with your support it will be available to many more.

Can you get a tax receipt?

The Om Work Project is a registered non profit organization, therefore we do not have the authority to issue an official tax receipt, as that falls under the category of a registered charity. At this time, we are happy to provide you with the Non-Profit Incorporations Act Number if you require proof of your donation.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is more than rolling out a mat and moving through a physical practice. Yoga is a philosophy that nourishes, nurtures, and provides a framework for deep exploration of self. Yoga has travelled from India to touch the lives of many fortunate westerners. The Om Work Project aspires to make the teachings of yoga accessible in the community while supporting young womxn to access teacher training opportunities.

Taking yoga teacher training does not mean that an individual must teach yoga; instead, yoga teacher training educates and empowers students to show up in their lives with more presence and care. Each of The Om Work Project’s team members acknowledge a yoga practice as formative in their evolution and journey. To offer the gift of yoga is to nurture a generation of heart centred leaders and lovers.

What do i get for donating?

Besides the excitement of knowing you are supporting a generation of mindful and confident leaders? When an individual or business donates to the Om Work Project they will be added to our website’s list of contributors. Donors will also receive a personalized thank you from our chosen applicant(s), and are invited to be a part of the blog process that The Om Work Team and the recipient(s) will be sharing together throughout her journey.

Corporations in the City of Victoria are able to receive a personalized yoga session for their business from the Om Work crew.

The Om Work Team is all about giving back - if you are looking to be recognized in a different way than stated above, we are open and happy to consider a way in which you feel recognized and appreciated.


How do you ensure safety for recipients’ travels?

Extensive research goes in to choosing which schools will be available for our applicants to pick from once they select their ideal destination. Two words: collaboration and partnership!

The application process is open to any adult 18+, therefore applicants have access to a valid passport/VISA and can travel without a parent or guardian. The Om Work team will mentor the applicant and offer support through the entire process - from booking training and travel details to completing the process of applying for a VISA, providing what to pack lists, and offering support and communication while away.

What is the future vision of the Om work project?

What Nicole and her team think is the most exciting about the future of The Om Work Project is the beautiful unknown!

What we know for certain that is the impact will be felt as we provide opportunity to young leaders to explore and deepen self-awareness and self-love. The Om Work Project aspires to send many individuals each year to complete their yoga teacher training. The team looks forward to supporting young womxn as they experience the life changing effects of travel, education, self inquiry and development. Our team envisions a community where yoga is accessible to any and all individuals who wish to explore the practice. With that, The Om Work Project is excited to offer accessible yoga to their local community of Victoria, BC as of April 1st, 2019.