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Have you ever felt the weight of the world when asked, 'What are you going to do with your life?' This question is especially heavy when it comes to students in high school entering the next phase of their lives. The pressure presented to go straight to college or university can cause stress, anxiety, and often it seems like the only option. Regardless of whether you go straight to university or take a gap year, life is expensive. The cost to access post secondary education continues to rise, and this barrier for entry to the world has been especially hard for womxn. The Om Work Project supports young womxn to complete their Yoga Teacher Training at a school of their choice to experience the gifts of self-reflection, self-discovery, travel, and education in the realm of yogic philosophy and practice.

The Om Work scholarship recipient, upon completion of their training, will be a mentor to the next recipient of the scholarship.


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Nicole McLellan

CEO, Founder

The Om Work Project Yoga Scholarship About
If one girl each year, was gifted this opportunity, she could touch the lives of thousands. It would be the one of the most positive chain reaction of events
— Nicole McLellan